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5th China-UK Workshop on Environmental Sciences and Policy Successfully Held in Chengdu
2019-07-09 Article type:Translated

The 5th China-UK Workshop on Environmental Sciences and Policy with the theme of “Joint Research on Yangtze River Conservation” was successfully held from July 1 to 3 in Chengdu, China. The workshop was jointly organized by CRAES, the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), the Lancaster University (LU), the National Joint Research Center for Yangtze River Conservation, and the Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences.

The workshop brought together about 80 participants including invited experts, representatives from various research institutions and agencies of ecological environmental protection.

The workshop focused on the two themes of “Water Ecological Environment Simulation and Restoration Technologies for Yangtze River Conservation” and “Management and Practice of Ecological Recovery and Environmental Protection of the Yangtze River”. A total of 19 experts delivered 21 academic reports on topics including “Reservoir Operation of Ecology of the Three Gorges”, “Water Resources Assessment and Prediction in the UK”, “Resourcelization of Organic Solid Waste and Co-treatment of Water and Soil in Danjiangkou Water Source Area”, and “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Modelling”. Experts in the workshop conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on ecological environmental protection and restoration technologies of the Yangtze River.

The workshop reaches two arrangement after thorough discussion: 1) the Tuojiang River in Sichuan Province, a tributary of Yangtze River, is selected to carry out the joint research on water quality target management and integrated water eco-environment management and restoration technology, in combine with the work of Yangtze River conservation and restoration. It is expected that the simulation and repair technology, which can solve the actual problem, will be developed and be extended to other river basin; and 2) The 6th China-UK Workshop on Environmental Sciences and Policy is to be held in UK in May, 2020 with the theme of “Regional Water Ecological Environment Simulation and Management for Typical Basin of the Yangtze River”.